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Transparent Accountability

What is transparent accountability? And how does it relate to quiet firing? And who you are as a leader? This was a value of one of my previous workplaces. And it resonated with me because it’s two loaded words put together.

Transparency equals honesty, truth, and light. Is anyone truly transparent 100% of the time? I’m thinking no. We all have things we hide from others. We hide behind words like professionalism and norms in the workplace. We’re expected to act and talk in certain ways to achieve success. How can we do that and be transparent at the same time?

Accountability equals taking responsibility, learning from mistakes and changing behaviors going forward.

Put the two words together and you’ve got taking responsibility with honesty.

Quiet quitting and quiet firing is the opposite. It’s hiding, concealing and conflict avoiding.

This trend towards conflict avoidance says that we are not equipping and empowering each other with transparent accountability.

Who do you want to be as a leader? What values do want to lead with? What legacy do you want to be known for? A leader who avoids conflict and betrays or a leader who strives towards addressing issues and supporting employees to become better versions of themselves.

Empowering Leaders. Engaging Employees.

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